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Alan Graham Music
Alan Graham Music
Alan Graham Music

Connect / Verbinden

Network internal contact

The Federation

This Website is based on Hubzilla. Hubzilla is part of the Federation / Fediverse - a decentralized network of of different services, which in turn are made up of many servers (instances) of varying size. Any individual person can run a server of their own. Each instance of a service can communicate with every other instance, and there is also a lot of progress already when it comes to communication between different services.

There are many servers run by volunteers which are open for registration by anyone. Hubzilla supports the protocols (see Federation link above) Zot and Zot6, as well as Activity Pub and Diaspora. This means that, besides from Hubzilla / Zap, you can connect to this page ("channel" in Zot-Speak) from Diaspora, Friendica, or Mastodon, for example.

If you want to give it a shot, you can use the "Pod Wizard" on to find an instance that suits you. If you do, feel free to connect to this channel at

For further information, click here.